My son and I lost everything in hurricane Irma just two weeks after paying our last house payment and due to laws in florida the home was uninsurable being so close to the water. So we came to Northern Georgia where the mountains are green and the people are full of hospitality. We were blessed to be able to buy a beautiful home with room to grow.  while I love acting, creating wardrobe,doing hair and makeup of which Im known for.  I have always had a grand love for baking and watching the faces of my family and friends when they bite into my artistic creations.


I decided due to needing to find a way to work from home due to severe chronic pain I would start my own cottage bakery and bring my sweet artistic treats to the public.

My son and I are two of 32 world wide with a rare collagen syndrome which is life threatening and causes wide spread chronic pain. I still have dreams to fulfill and refuse to give into the pain. A mother must teach her child how to survive in this world and to never give up on dreams and never to give into the pain that  tries to rob you of living your life to the fullest. So in bringing you incredible artistic treats to eat and memorable experiences of flavor.  I also get to teach my son right from home just what it looks like to never give up! 


Douglasville ga 30134


Mon - Fri: 10 am - 6pm

​​Sat - Sun: noon to 6pm 


305-407-4284 we are on the do not call list absolutely no soliciting. 


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